Data and Integration

Data is core for today's increasingly competitive world economics. Data is core to any business because the C-suite executives and decision makers rely on the intelligence and trends that influence the business and these intelligence and trends are modeled based on the sources of business influencing variables data. Hence having clean and accurate data is the first step for the accurate reporting which in turn is used for many day to day business consumption

With the technology improvements, there are many other requirements influencing the data management such as Data accessibility, Performance, Security, Quality, Privacy and Integrity.

The ability to integrate the data to peripheral systems across the world in real time is fueling the growth in it's utility and hence increasing the complexity in data management. 

ISITVA provides comprehensive solutions related to Data and Data Integration Management. 

  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture, Analysis and Design
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Integration, Service Oriented Integration (SOA)
  • Business Intelligence

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